• It is the game of the moment and as such, everyone talks about it. We have been more than a week hunting Pikachu and company throughout the city so it's time to take stock and offer what we believe is one of the most comprehensive tips, strategies and guides tricks for Pokémon GO.

    The Nintendo is being a true mass phenomenon, and after a week commenting secrets, anecdotes and above all tricks for Pokémon GO with which achieve the goal of the game: catch them all! This guide will increase over time as we find new tricks or strategies to share so we recommend that you not lose sight and may keep in your favorite browser.

    But before we continue, we leave also with our view of the game in our analysis in addition to specific information on how work micropayments two "basic" before starting to play:

    How to play Pokémon GO a jailbroken iPhone or Android I rooteado

    It is perhaps one of the first problems that we can find to run the game is that if you have an Android or iPhone that have made ​​root or jailbreak , respectively, the title of Niantic not work. To do this we must resort to some tweaks Cydia and Xposed modules that will explain this link.

    There is a caveat, you may Niantic does not like this and detects that try to cheat, so this method should be used under your responsibility, as that allows us to distort our position in GPS that can lead to a permanent ban .

    How to tell if you have been banned in Pokémon GO or if the servers are down

    If you use any of the tricks for Pokémon Go just discussed, we may find that we can not start the game and, at that time, we will certainly do we have banned or are simply fallen servers? Again, you have a report that explains in detail and not overextend this guide, so you can see this link.

    Cheats for Pokemon GO: get Pikachu as a starting Pokemon in Pokemon GO

    The game presents us, at the beginning, the choice between Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur as initial pokémons, but a little trick is simply to give a couple of steps back, literally, we will unveil the opportunity to get Pikachu . Again, you can expand the information and see how they have to do on this link.

    Add a chat with players from Pokémon GO

    Another tricks for Pokémon GO, and this time fully legal, is to use the application GoChat, a sort of "whatsapp" for players of Pokémon GO puts us in contact with those in the Pokeparadas we close. Both download as an analysis of GoGhat you have it on this link .

    Locate all pokeparadas and Pokémon gyms GO in your city

    It is perhaps the trick for Pokémon GO more useful. And when we open the game only see a small part of the map, just what is around us but we have to go through the city to find out where there is more concentration Pokeparadas and gymnasiums.  To reveal the entire map, it is as simple as dip into the previous game in Niantic, Ingress, since maps Pokémon GO, initially, are based on this game. you have all the details on this link.

    Create your own or your gym Pokeparada

    The pokeparadas, these points of strategic interest where we can fill the bag with valuables in the game as pokeballs, incense, elixir, potions and so on . Now Niantic, game developer, makes available to the players a form to create your own gyms and pokeparadas in Pokémon GO.

    GO Pokémon trick: how to hunt Mewto, Mew and legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO

    Niantic game has much more than it seems and the big N also prepare the arrival of the, legendary pokémon more powerful, the title. It is not easy to locate and there are tracks because they are, are already included but will only be available for hunting at times, when it sees fit Niantic in a series of events that have prepared. We told you everything in this article where we explain how you can hunt the legendary pokémon when available.

    How to save battery playing Pokémon GO

    It is perhaps the greatest handicap of Pokemon GO cheats. The battery terminal with all the lit screen while using the camera and internet connection suffers greatly. The game has a mode "energy saving" only enter the settings but in this report we give more advice so that you can not escape even a pokémon capture and not you to stay out of power.  And again, I also count how much battery spends the game and, incidentally, few data consumes.

    Turn off the camera and augmented reality to hunt in Pokémon GO

    It is also a function of the game that perhaps detracts a little grace but we avoid pointing the camera be everywhere. There is a switch when we are fighting a pokémon in the upper right corner and just moving it, will disappear augmented reality effect. The pokémon in question appear in the center of the screen and can capture more comfortably.

    How to level up quickly in Pokémon GO

    The truth is that more than trick in this account skill. But not hurt to know what actions give us more experience in the game and what not, because then we can develop a strategy that can be "farmear" pokeparadas without rest or go for many catches, which is what most experience gives us. Then you have the table which gives us experience and how Pokémon GO.

    How to get free Pokeball

    We took 50 pokeballs in your pocket when you start the game, but we would probably run out quickly. This does not have much mystery, there are two ways to get pokeballs in Pokémon GO for free without having to go through box. The first is to visit the pokeparadas and rotate the icon of the same, which receive these items to capture more pokémons and eggs, which hatched, will also create new characters. For these hatch, they have a "distance" we have to go in our hunts.

    Another way is to level up your character through effort, and to see all that I can carry on every level, here we summarize it all:

    Getting new pokeball and eggs in pokeparadas already visited

    This is one of the tricks to get free instagram followers simpler because it is summarized in: patience. If we have a close we can vistarla pokeparada constantly and we will continue nurturing pokeballs and eggs. Just wait between 5 to 10 minutes and see how the icon changes from purple to blue and is available for us to give another "wiggle".

    Lost pokeballs who have not succeeded to capture a pokémon

    It is quite easy to recover a pokeball when we are hunting a pokémon and we missed the shot. You can imagine that simply the trick will be to be to be fast and when we see rolling on the ground while the shift pokémon still breezed, you have to click on it to get it back.

    How not to waste Pokéballs in a pokémon that can not capture

    When captured, or try a Pokemon , the game is showing us a circle is closing on it and has different shades of color between green, yellow, orange and red. The more you approach the red, pokémon that will be more difficult to capture and may have to return to the level when we can because if not, run out pokeballs quickly and do not capture the end.

    The pokémons lower level, essential for candy

    This is another of the tricks for Pokémon GO, or rather, a strategy that is also important. The lower level pokémons or less useful for battle, which simply serve to complete the Pokédex , such as  Pidgey, Caterpie, Weedle, Zubat or Ratata are not completely useless. If we want to improve the site and more powerful, we just have to click on them and give the button "transfer", then the Professor Willow  give us the candy to evolve the others we have in the portfolio.

    Having duplicate Pokémons is a good idea

    In line with what before we can be tempted to transfer all duplicates. But, although we constantly appear the same pokémons, that does not mean they are equal. You should consult While our cargo of pets because although perhaps have the same level and the same, they may have different attacks which can make them useful in some battles or others as the enemy we have before in a gym, can be one of the tricks for Pokémon Go that we keep on the sleeve.

    Get more stardust

    This is also a function that is more typical of the strategy some tricks for Pokémon GO itself. There are only two ways to get stardust, free, we can then use to evolve pokémons. One is capturing more pokémons but the most interesting is making control of a gym and holding it, which will give us a steady supply of this element.

    Finding sites with a high concentration of pokémons to capture

    For that, we must know how to read the map of the game well and look where hidden tricks for instagram private profile viewer. In it there are visual tricks that give us the clue. It is a " swirls " of leaves may be green or pink. Green The zones are "natural" concentration, ie, spontaneous. As we see a the best we can do is go to it. But we are interested roses.

    This means that someone has used a "incense" to attract pokémons to that area. They are placed in the Pokeparadas and can take advantage of them for half an hour which is what the effect lasts. Normally you used another player so in the same place will see more people playing the game so, in addition to capturing more and better pokémons, maybe we can make friends with other players. 

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